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Last update: 2017-04-14
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Serena Ice

Rating: 8.75

His sorrow amuses me!

Aw, how sweet this puggy dog eyes could be... if only I was that kind of girl that would get wowed by such a picture :-D. But instead I think of him that he's only ridiculous. He's that kind of victim who is taken in by my perfect beauty and probably hopes that I would like him... but soon he'll find out that he's nothing but a toy for me! And I like to test my toys extensively. Therefor I steal his breath twice: On the one hand with my sexy lingerie, that carresses my body, and on the other hand between my tasty ass cheeks! I really enjoy hearing him moaning and whining and start laughing at him. Time for some fun session ;-). Why is he complaining, he should better be thankful to live that moment! He'll never ever get a booty that's comparable to my divine ass! Bumpety bump, rider, if he falls... then he cries out. ;-)

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Mistress Jasmina

Rating: 9.92

Jasmina is testing her boyfriend

Jasmina suprises her boyfriend, whos lying on the floor with his hands bound together. She loves to sit on her friends faces and smother them - that's a kind of fetish for her. Its indifferently to her if her friend likes it that his face is used as seat by her. So she takes no consideration and puts her full weight sexy nylonass on his mouth and nose and makes him to smell her!

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update

Blonde mistress Kathrin

Rating: 9.83

Seat and smellingpad

Kathrin uses her living chair more and more. As it's pretty warm she takes off her trousers in between. Wearing only her thong she can feel his face even more. She sits on his face with her full weight and she uses him as her living chair. He's only allowed to breathe when she decides it - in the meantime he just has to follow her orders. Of course he follows her order when she orders him to lie down on the ground as Kathrin decided he should be smelling her ass too. So he starts smelling while she relaxes on his cushion-face. That's what he'll experience more and more from now on as she wants to form him to be a perfect seatpad. No other duties - just alive to be sat on and to smell!

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