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Last update: 2014-11-27
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Cheeky girl Jamie-Kate

Rating: 0.00

Do you like my ass smell!?

Jamie-Kate has captured him and wants to sit down at his face now. She presses his head very deep with her butt into the couch. He cannot breathe anymore! Jamie-Kate really enjoys this situation and also makes fun of him! But she wants even more... So she continues to humiliate him very bad - and he shall breathe her ass smell!

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Lady Sue S.

Rating: 10.00

Sue and her sweaty ass at his mug

Sue S. is completely sweaty after doing her workouts. But she did it on purpose: She wants to humiliate this loser! Soon she sits down at his face with her sweaty, bad smelling ass! It's hard to breathe this way but that's nothing which causes her concern! Then she has an idea: Taking off her sport pants will humiliate him even more...! He looks so disgusted this way! But he shouldn't make such a fuss! Honestly said he has to love her nasty treatment...!

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update

facesitting-girl Aileen Taylor

Rating: 10.00

Aileen Taylor makes him a living seat pad

Aileen Taylor's facesitting slave has to endure plenty today - when she makes him her seat pad. She sits down on his face wearing sexy lingerie and gets comfy. As he obviously can't breathe Aileen decides to have some mercy and gives him the opportunity to breathe - for a very brief moment - every now and then.

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