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Last update: 2014-04-10
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Blonde Aileen Taylor

Rating: 8.50

Aileen Taylor got him under control

This little dirty pig’s going to suffer today. Aileen Taylor takes a comfy seat on his face ... if he’s afraid? He better not moans! Begging won’t help him ... Today only Aileen decides when he gets to breathe. She enjoys sitting on his face with the full weight of her body. She knows exactly what he needs and keeps him under her control.

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Porn star Aileen Taylor

Rating: 10.00

Facesitting - sitting and getting her ass smelled

Mistress Aileen Taylor dominates her slave by sitting down on his face. She wants him to inhale her intimate odors. He has to smell her ass while she sits on him. Aileen Taylor enjoys facesitting and smothering - and loves it when submissive slaves have to smell her butt. Of course the slave's whining doesn't help, Aileen's just sitting on him like she wants - and as long as she wants. Again and again she sits down on his face hard and there's nothing he can do about it.

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update

Nylon mistress Svenja

Rating: 10.00

Pantyhose face sitting mistress Svenja

Mistress Svenja knows exactly how she has to deal with submissive slaves. Just as she deals this one, shamelessly using him as a living seat. She wants her slave to smell her pantyhose ass and be her living seat. That's the only thing she can use this person for. An ass smeller and face sitting slave - that's how Svenja wants it, and she even has a very special idea. She pulls down her pantyhose and then pulls it back up, but this time with the face of the slave trapped in the pantyhose. This is pantyhose face sitting the hard way!

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