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Sporty MILF Mara

Rating: 8.25

Mara’s personal trainer is now her facesitting slave

Mara’s a passionate facesitting lady. And as her personal trainer went really tough on her today he’s getting it all back now. Mara slams her sweaty ass down on his face after her exhausting training. This loser is supposed to smell her ass - it must be smelling especially good after some exercise!

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Dominant Jana H

Rating: 10.00

I love smelling ass

Jana humiliates her slave. Jana simply loves ass smelling. She gets really horny when her submissive loser is lying beneath her ass and has to inhale her intimate scent. She sits down firmly on the loser?s face and calls him a dirty bitch who deserves no better. Jana intends to stay seated on his face for quite a while. Again and again he has to inhale her smell. He is demoted to be her ass smeller and has to keep his mouth shut. She sits down on top of him with her full weight and enjoys the "full weight face sitting?. First she sits down so that he has to inhale the fragrance of her cunt, and then she turns around. Her Buttocks firmly enclose his face and his nose is pressed against her asshole. Come on, now, ass smeller - smell my ass, breathe in, deeply!

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update

Very hot Svenja

Rating: 10.00

Your head is my chair

Yeah, that's marvelous; be a good boy! Svenja's living chair is waiting already to be used. Svenja is testing her living chair. Will it be comfortable enough? And will it be able to bear her weight as long as she wants to stay seated? Well, she doesn't intend to ask the living chair whether it is willing and able to do as she wishes - she simply expects him to do her bidding, because, after all, it is only a chair, and it will be used according to her wishes.

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