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Last update: 2019-07-09
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Rating: 3.00

Facesitting slave is totally ignored

Mistress Zora sits on the slave's face, indifferent to his condition. Under her he has no possibility or breathing, because his mistress sits with her nylon ass firmly over his mouth and nose. She's been sitting on him for some time, but who cares? Mistress Zora doesn't! She sits on him, relaxes and enjoys the time on his comfortable face, while the slave feels her clenched load of ignorance. He has to live with the consequences now because Mistress Zora can go on like this forever!

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Rating: 10.00

Loser gets hard facesitting punishment

Punishment is necessary! This slave gets the sexy ass of Goddess Vanny pressed right into his face! She just sits down on his head and lets him pay for it! This fool ordered the wrong thing for his Mistress and she doesn't like that at all! For so much stupidity there is hard facesitting for the slave! Sometimes forwards and sometimes backwards, Goddess Vanny already finds the hardest facesitting position for her slave under her ass! She torments him until she is no longer mad at him and that takes a very long time. Until then she continues to press her ass into his loser face and sometimes he even gets her stinking feet rubbed under his nose too. This is the right punishment for him!

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update

Sabrina A.

Rating: 10.00

Facesitting - extracting air from the slave

The slave lies tied up on the ground. What can he expect...? Mistress Sabrina shows him her sexy trousers, directly, with her ass on his face! She tortures him by depriving him of air by sitting firmly on his face! Does he like the trousers? Mistress Sabina doesn't care at all about that. She has a lot of fun and enjoys sitting with her sexy ass on his face. She thinks it's much more comfortable there than on a chair and remains seated. Mistress Sabrina covers his nose and mouth with her ass. He gets absolutely no air as long as she remains sitting on him.

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