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Last update: 2024-05-10
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Lady Nora - That means lifelong enslavement!

Part 3/11 from full clip! After the slave has signed the contract I explain to him what this means for him. Having no decision-making power means being at my mercy. From now on, I decide EVERYTHING and if I want to use him to put my mistress ass on his face, I will. Just like this! My ass squeezes the air out of him and deprives him of oxygen until I get up from his face again. But when will that be...? While I'm sitting on his face I make it clear to him what the consequences of the contract between us will be and that his cock will remain locked for a very, very long time.

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Mistress Jane - Leashed slave eggs

Mistress Jane has the slave by the balls and has just done an extensive workout on them! The slave was leashed by her by his balls and kept under control. Now it's time for a break and Mistress Jane takes a seat on his face with her sweaty ass! The rope with his balls at the other end keeps her on her toes and she enjoys her break. She assumes various positions on his face and, as she does so, trains the slave to hold his breath.

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Yasemin & Nora

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Goddess Yasemin and Lady Nora - Can't talk, can't see, can't breathe

Goddess Yasemin and I don't begrudge our slave anything today! He lies tied up on the floor while we sit with our asses on his face. We don't let him enjoy it because we've taped his mouth shut, our sexy asses are taking turns squeezing his nose and he's blindfolded too. it's quite an ordeal that the slave has to endure with us today. He is tickled and slapped so that we can have fun and enjoy depriving him of the air he needs to breathe under our asses!

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