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Last update: 2021-02-16
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Hanna & Jane

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The slave is helpless, at the mercy of the two mistresses! Mistress Jane takes a seat with her hot ass on his face Queen Hanna sits on his belly instead and tortures the slave's naked nipples. Let's see how long he manages to stay still while this is going on. The two mistresses take turns sitting on his face, taking his breath away and teasing his incredibly sensitive nipples.

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Disobedience is punished with facesitting

Goddess Vanny catches her house slave licking her high heels, even though he should be busy with much more important tasks. Angry at him, she punishes him for his disobedience with hard facesitting. Sits on his face and takes all his oxygen. He deserves to be tortured and punished for his disobedience. Goddess Vanny finishes him off so badly and shows the slave exactly where his place is!

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Facesitting for the cuck

Goddess Yasemin sits her hot ass down on the slave's face. What the slave then hears makes him quite nervous. Goddess Yasemin has come straight from a meeting with her hot lover. They fucked hard and now she's sittting on his slave face - he will never come closer to a great fuck! This slave is a loser and is punished with his hard cuckold existence. Goddess Yasemin tortures him and visibly enjoys it!

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