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Last update: 2023-11-17
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Saddle face for your riding mistress (ft. Lady Nora)

Now it's your turn, because today I'm going to sit on your face! That's right, you were hoping to watch me sit on another slave's face again and take his breath away with my ass, but today it's happening to YOU! I'm turning your face into my new saddle, because I'm wearing my riding outfit. Breeches with extra grip hold you captive under my ass and you have no chance of escape! I alone have the power to decide where I place my ass and that's right in the middle of my new saddle face!

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Ass sweat scent or no air at all!

The slave has just refused to smell the freshly sweaty sports shoes and feet of Goddess Yasemin. He finds so much sweat disgusting! Well now he sits in the puddle and gets the wet, sweaty ass of Goddess Yasemin pressed right in the middle of his face. She just sits on him and annoys him with the air reduction her sexy ass causes on him. Now there is only sweaty ass scent for him or no air at all!

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Hanna & Jane

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Instead of pillows there are two asses for him!

Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane take the slave hard and order him to lie down on the floor. The slave thinks of nothing better than to complain and even make demands. He wants a comfortable pillow to put under his head. But the only pillows he gets are Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane's asses in the middle of his face!

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