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Last update: 2018-10-04
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Rating: 8.00

Mistress Jane - punishment with her ass

Mistress Jane wants to have a useful slave, but this slave is no good for anything. Therefore, as punishment, his face gets smothered under Mistress Jane's ass. She sits firmly over his mouth and his nose. Breath reduction is his punishment! Maybe he'll learns to be a better slave...

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Mistress Jean

Rating: 9.75

Facesitting dominance

Mistress Jean knows how to dominate submissive men. Just like him there, someone she makes her personal seat cushion. Tied up as he is, he can't do anything about it anyway, and so Jean is sitting down smack on his face with her ass. Her ass is pressing hard against his nose; that's the way it is the moment someone is transformed to a chair! Jean is wearing her tight shining trousers, and they have already taken on the smell of her ass. That way her servant gets something nice to smell. Of course Jean will later pull down her trousers, because she wants to get the direct feel of her cushion. This is extremely hot facesitting dominance!!!

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update

Dominatrix Melissa

Rating: 9.71

Facesitting Lesson

Melissa smothers her victim with her sexy, tight trousers. She really enjoys to teach him a lesson and likes what she does. Melissa plays some cruel breath plays with her office slave. She´s sitting with her string on his face too and shows him who´s the stronger one.

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