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Last update: 2020-02-11
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Rating: 4.50

Goddess Vanny's seat cushion servant

The slave serves Goddess Vanny today as a seat cushion, because his stupid face is perfect to be sat and used by her hot ass. Goddess Vanny makes herself comfortable with her sexy ass on his face and enjoys her new seat. His life has no other meaning worth mentioning anyway, so he has no other choice than to be enslaved by Goddess Vanny. She can do anything she likes with him right now!

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Hanna & Jane

Rating: 10.00

Double facesitting - the slave has to endure it!

The best remedy against boredom is to torture stupid slaves! Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna are spending their time beating up this loser - with their hot asses! They take turns sitting on his face and torture him with air deprivation. With facesitting you can fuck this slave especially good because he hates to give up control, but he has to go through this when Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna sit down on his face!

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Facesitting in vinyl pants

Mistress Roxana wears hot, impermeable vinyl pants and sits on the face of her slave in them. The whore has no more chance to breathe, and if she does, she smells her Mistress' ass! Mistress Roxana loves to torture her slave and sits on her face in different positions. The bitch must not breathe for as long as Mistress Roxana decides!

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