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Last update: 2019-03-24
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Rating: 0.00

Damn hard facesitting!

Lady Amy sits with her ass directly on the slave's face! This rebellious slave will at least now be quiet. He'll also have to do without air too, because she sits firmly over mouth and nose, giving him no chance to breathe. It's so wonderful when the slave can't say anything! Lady Amy remains sitting on his face for a long time. His head should get the same color as her sexy overknee boots! That is to say, FUCK-RED! She moves forward and backward on his head and torments the slave greatly! She lets him take two quick breaths and then promptly sits down with her ass on his mug again. That is damn hard facesitting!

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Rating: 10.00

Facesitting without mercy

Because this slave has annoyed Mistress Vanny, he now gets the rightful punishment for his behavior. She sits firmly with her g-string ass on his head and punishes him with nasty facesitting so she doesn't have to look at his face anymore and keeps his mouth shut. Mistress Vanny makes herself comfortable with her sexy ass on his face and reduces his breathing. She is pissed off and punishes him hard! Out of fear, her slave lets everything pass over him and hopes for mercy. But he can wait a long time for that...

The most favourite FacesittingGirls.com Update

Dominatrix Melissa

Rating: 9.71

Facesitting Lesson

Melissa smothers her victim with her sexy, tight trousers. She really enjoys to teach him a lesson and likes what she does. Melissa plays some cruel breath plays with her office slave. She´s sitting with her string on his face too and shows him who´s the stronger one.

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