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Last update: 2024-02-15
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Hanna & Jane

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Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane - Double load for the slave

How much strain can the slave take...? Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane call him over and sit on him, one on his stomach, the other in the middle of his face! This is a special kind of endurance test. Mistress Jane has her stopwatch running because the mistresses want to find out exactly how long their slave can withstand them. It's remarkable!

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Nora & Zora

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Lady Nora and Mistress Zora - Our slave should be useful!

The slave is still lying in exactly the same place where he was when Mistress Zora and I went to the gym. Now we've been out for over two hours and have worked up quite a sweat. The slave was supposed to use this time to think about how he could be useful to us. He couldn't think of anything! But we have a great idea. We sit down in our sweaty sports leggings in the middle of his face and use him as a seat for our asses! He can continue to think about how he can offer us something meaningful. We certainly have enough ideas for him!

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Rating: 10.00

Ass sweat scent or no air at all!

The slave has just refused to smell the freshly sweaty sports shoes and feet of Goddess Yasemin. He finds so much sweat disgusting! Well now he sits in the puddle and gets the wet, sweaty ass of Goddess Yasemin pressed right in the middle of his face. She just sits on him and annoys him with the air reduction her sexy ass causes on him. Now there is only sweaty ass scent for him or no air at all!

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