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Last update: 2021-04-09
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String ass facesitting with slave girl

Mistress Roxana wants to see her female slave suffer and will take her breath away to do so - with her ass! She bends over her and pushes the arms of the female slave far upwards. She then sits down with her hot thong ass in the middle of her slave's face and squeezes the air out of her in the process. This little game pleases Mistress Roxana so much that she can't stop, no matter how much her female slave suffers beneeath her ass... and that's exactly what she wants to see from her!

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Ass worship through facesitting

Well, if his desire was to worship her ass after all, let him do it now and without any back talk! Mistress Zora sits down with her gorgeous ass directly on his face and makes her slave worship it at close range! Exactly what her sexy ass deserves. The slave did not expect such an intense facesitting session and it visibly overwhelms him. Caution is always required with the things that you desire so much!

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His face - her new seat!

He is now punished under the ass of Goddess Vanny. He has nobody to blame but himself. He didn't follow the instructions of his mistress and because of this she now has no chair to sit on. Therefore his face has to serve her! Goddess Vanny presses her sexy ass firmly on his face and insults him nastily. He is a good-for-nothing loser who doesn't deserve to be treated any other way. So it is clear: his face is now her new seat!

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