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Rating: 10.00

Facesitting punishment for the secret shoe sniffer.

Facesitting punishment for the secret shoe sniffer. I've been watching the slave and confront him about his false pretense of wanting to serve me, Lady Nora, as a shoe shine slave. Supposedly he does this only for me. Only for me he scrapes the dirt from my shoes and polishes them to a high shine. That is a lie! His real motivation to do this is to secretly smell my foot scent in the shoes. Now I punish his behavior with a few strong slaps and a little interrogation about his behavior. Finally I decide to stop his sniffing urge by sitting with my ass on his face. Because with my sexy ass on his mouth and nose it is impossible for him to breathe!


Claudia C
Claudia wants to phone without ruffle or excitement
Ass atop prevents breathing!
Kahti humiliates him very bad
This loser is my cushion