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Dominant Luciana

Rating: 5.31

He becomes Luciana's toilet chair!

It seems that this guy went to the wrong toilet - he is at the ladies' room! Immediately Luciana uses this opportunity to punish him! She really loves Facesitting and so he has to be her human toilet chair! What a pity...! And if he doesn't follow her orders the way she likes it - she puts his head inside the toilet bowl and flushes...!!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-06-03 Super Sexy Miss Luciana! OMG! I LOVE Your F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Boots Baby! Bury those Lethal Stiletto Heels in his belly while You're riding his face! Put one Sexy Heel into his Belly Button - then cross Your Sexy Legs! I would LOVE to spend some time Suffering under Her Administration! Great! HYDT3
Tutoring done different
Kahti humiliates him very bad
Facesitting with Leana
Facesitting dominance