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Rating: 9.17

His sorrow amuses me!

Aw, how sweet this puggy dog eyes could be... if only I was that kind of girl that would get wowed by such a picture :-D. But instead I think of him that he's only ridiculous. He's that kind of victim who is taken in by my perfect beauty and probably hopes that I would like him... but soon he'll find out that he's nothing but a toy for me! And I like to test my toys extensively. Therefor I steal his breath twice: On the one hand with my sexy lingerie, that carresses my body, and on the other hand between my tasty ass cheeks! I really enjoy hearing him moaning and whining and start laughing at him. Time for some fun session ;-). Why is he complaining, he should better be thankful to live that moment! He'll never ever get a booty that's comparable to my divine ass! Bumpety bump, rider, if he falls... then he cries out. ;-)


Below her jeans hot pants
Smell her sweaty ass
Latex mistress loves to facesit
Lilu H.
Lilu punishes him with facesitting