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Rating: 8.14

Mean Facesitting Game

The slave already has an idea of what Mistress Sabrina wants to do with him. He lies bound on the ground, looking up at her. She stands over him then lowers her sexy ass so close to him, before sitting firmly on his face. He can't breathe any more and that's exactly how she wants it. Mistress Sabrina makes herself comfortable on the slave's face. She just loves taking his breath away! She can't get enough of it! She's very strict and only occasionally lets him take a quick breath before covering his mouth and nose to stop him breathing once more. So mean!


Assya Blonde
Lady Assya Blonde uses his face as a seat
Aileen Taylor
Porn star Aileen with her face sitting slave
Smell my panties
Aileen Taylor
Aileen Taylor makes him a living seat pad