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Sexy Nadine

Rating: 8.20

Nadine wants him to worship her ass

Nadine's determined to show him just how sexy her butt is today. To prevent him from escaping her she bound his hands and throat to the steel frame of the bed. Now she gets on the bed as well and presses her butt firmly on his face. If he likes that? Well, she pulls up her skirt anyway and presses her ass on his nose again. In the end she binds his whole body to the bed and then sits down on his face again - but this time with her full weight. If he accepted the face that she has the hottest ass by now?

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Date Comment Rating Username
2015-11-09 I wish she'd come back. So gorgeous! Awesome!!! Maddog109
2015-08-07 Tie me to your bed Nadine ;-) Awesome!!! David V
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