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Rating: 9.00

Princess Serena torments the slave under her ass

Princess Serena keeps the slave trapped in the smother box so he won't run away from her and he won't be able to fight back while she torments him. His face is all exposed and invites his mistress to sit on it. Princess Serena takes a seat with her thong ass! She now sits firmly on his mouth and his nose is stuck between her hot ass cheeks so he has no chance to breathe. That's exactly what Princess Serena wants, depriving him of oxygen and brutally tormenting him, and for this every method is fine by her!


Jana H
Jana H. slams her ass down on his face
Anny & Sue S.
Unexpected facesitting dominance of Anny and Sue
Jana H
Facesitting extreme with Jana H.
Anny & Sue S.
Anny and Sue flatten his shitface